Sikh Coalition joins Vice President Biden in Celebrating Diwali

The Sikh Coalition attended a celebration of Diwali at the White House. Vice President Joesph Biden presided over the event.

Vice President Biden expressed his appreciation for America’s diversity and his reaffirmed his commitment to honoring it.

You may recall that, in 2009, President Obama was the first president to personally celebrate Diwali festivities in the White House. This year, the President and First Lady celebrated Diwali during their travels through India {slideshow link}. Obama offered the following remarks:

“[Diwali is] a time when we must remember that there are always others less fortunate then ourselves. This holiday reminds us all that we should commit ourselves to helping those in need. For many, this is also a time to gather with family and to pray.” Read more here.

The Sikh Coalition recognizes the thoughtfulness and leadership of the Obama administration in celebrating this country’s diversity and including Sikhs. Likewise, the Coalition encourages Sikhs everywhere to freely practice their faith while fostering strong relations within their local community.


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