Marketing Sikhi?

October 14, 2010

Imagine reading your local paper, and seeing the advertisement below.


Advertisement in the Orange County Register


Sikhs…celebrating Thanksgiving?  But as you read further, you find that they’re not just wishing you a happy holiday, but they’re telling you a little bit about their faith in a simple and accessible way.  Among the countless advertisements selling one product or another, this ad wishing you a happy Thanksgiving is a nice change.

What an excellent way to tell your fellow neighbors about Sikhs – especially on a national holiday that today in its current incarnation is  built on gratitude, love, and respect.  Isn’t that what Sikhi is all about?

We would like to thank Dr. and Mrs. Chadha for their vision and spreading the message of Sikhi in such a unique way.  If you would like more information about creating an ad for your local newspaper OR if you have another idea to spread awareness about Sikhi, please send an email to  We’d love to hear from you!