Bridging the Gap Between Tradition and Radical

I recently watched Kavita Ramdas’ engaging TED talk on Radical Women, Embracing Tradition and haven’t been able to stop thinking about it since.  Ramdas, the president & CEO of the Global Fund for Women, explains how the concept of ‘tradition’ can be brought into radical thought and be used as a tool to create social change.

She calls this solution a ‘third-way raga’ that challenges some of the most commonand accepted polarities in society (ie. modernity vs. tradition, first world & third world, etc).  We can understand how an extreme relationship between ‘tradition’ and ‘radical’ can be ineffective in our organizing and it is inspiring to hear how we can bridge the gap in order to further mobilize us as agents of change.

The best part of her talk is the way in which she communicates her message; she uses colorful and inspiring stories of women from around the globe who have used traditional approaches to resist war and other oppressive practices.

I’ll let you see for yourself and hope Ramdas’ message will provide some insight on how we can use her methodology in our day-to-day practices and communities.


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