Respect For All Week: Bring Sikh awareness to NYC schools!

This March 8th-12th is the first ever “Respect For All Week” in New York City public schools.  During this week, schools are being encouraged to hold awareness-raising programs to combat bullying based on race, religion, gender and more.

The Sikh Coalition is partnering with the Department of Education (DOE) to make the first ever Respect For All Week a success.  But we need your help. We are offering schools free Sikh Awareness Presentations where Sikh Coalition-trained educators will come into schools and conduct presentations and trainings for students and teachers about Sikhism.  Raising awareness about Sikhi is necessary to reduce the bullying and harassment that youth in our community face.  We are also working with the DOE to make lesson plans about Sikh awareness available to all teachers in New York City so they can teach accurate information about Sikhi in their classes during Respect For All Week and beyond.

What we’re asking parents AND Sikh students in NYC public schools to do:

  • Talk to your child’s teacher, school Respect For All Coordinator, principal, or other staff member and tell him/her you want the school to do something for Respect For All Week.  Ask them if anything is already being planned.  (and let us know what they say!)
  • Tell the teacher or staff member that you you would like to see a Sikh awareness presentation in your school for Respect For All Week because it will help address bullying of Sikh students like your son/daughter.  Tell them the Sikh Coalition is offering these presentations to schools for Respect For All Week for free and also has lesson plans that schools can use to teach students about Sikhism and diversity.
  • You can have them contact the Sikh Coalition’s Education Director, Manbeena Kaur, to set up a presentation.  Her contact information is:, 212-655-3095 x88.

Let’s make a difference in our schools and raise awareness about Sikhi!

For any general questions about Respect For All Week, contact Sonny at or 212-655-3095 x86.


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