Bay Area Sikh Needs Assessment Officially Kicks Off


Sikh children at Fremont Gurdwara Sahib's Summer Camp

By Bhavreet Singh, the Sikh Coalition’s California Community Organizing Intern for Summer 2009.

On August 13th, the Sikh Coalition’s Bay Area Needs Assessment project in California officially kicked off. After several months of piloting the survey and revising it based on feedback from community members, partner organizations, and social science researchers, the survey is ready to be administered. Nearly fifty children were surveyed last Thursday at the Fremont Gurdwara’s kids’ summer camp. The kids were very responsive, and they took time to properly complete the survey.

The purpose of the Bay Area Needs Assessment is to determine the  major civil rights issues that are most impacting the Bay Area Sikh community by conducting surveys throughout the Bay Area. There are two versions of the same survey: one for children in grade school and another for adults. These surveys are available in English and Punjabi for in-person administration at Gurdwaras and Sikh events. The Sikh Coalition will also administer English versions of the survey online. It is important that Bay Area Sikhs take part in this project because the result of these surveys will be used to create Sikh Coalition’s civil rights agenda for the upcoming years. Without the participation and support of Bay Area Sikhs, the Sikh Coalition cannot effectively do quality and high-impact work to protect Sikhs’ civil rights.

The Sikh Coalition will need Punjabi and English speaking sevadars to help implement the surveys in Bay Area Gurdwaras and at local Sikh events. If any one is interested in doing this seva, please contact Ravneet Kaur at


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