NPR Station Carries Op-Ed Highlighting Challenges for Sikh Air Travelers

We perked up our ears this morning when we heard Sikhs mentioned on NPR’s Morning Edition broadcast. The local Northern California National Public Radio Station – KQED – carried a “Perspectives” piece by a debate coach talking about the challenges her Sikh student faces every time he clears security at a U.S. airport. Click here to hear the story.

Sikhing the Truth

Listen to Jennie Savage recount an incident where she and her debate team were returning from the State debate championships in Los Angeles, only to be stopped at security for a screening of her Sikh turban-wearing debater. She explains why the episode left her shocked and confused about the state of civil liberties in our country today.

We want to thank Jennie for taking the time to speak out against the profiling of Sikhs. Courageous support from non-Sikhs like her should inspire all of us in our work. We often say that Sikhs are the “tip of the spear” when it comes to civil rights issues in our country – the issues are widespread, but tend to affect us first. Jennie’s story makes exactly that connection.

Are you a turban-wearing Sikh? Don’t forget to tell us what happens to you when you fly.


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