Video: U.S. Military Rejects the Sikh Identity

You’ve probably heard about the the Sikh Coalition’s recent army campaign to defend the rights of two Sikh military recruits. Essentially, the U.S. Army is rejecting the Sikh identity by not allowing Sikhs to serve with their turbans and unshorn hair. The men, one a doctor and one a dentist, are being told that they must choose between their faith or service.

Thousands of Sikhs across the world have served in their country’s armies without having to make this choice. Through this short film, we wanted to illustrate how Sikhs have served in the military, ever since WWI until present day, while still retaining their Sikh identity. Today, we are asking for your support to ensure Sikhs’ right to serve. Please visit to learn more on how YOU can help.

Because of the overwhelming response this video has generated so far, it became #36 – Most Viewed (This Week) – Nonprofits & Activism – India. Send the link below to your friends and family so that we continue spreading the message – “Support Sikhs’ Right to Serve!”

Special thanks to GNE for providing the use of the track ‘Souljas Story’ ( and the Sikh Foundation for allowing us to use several images from the book ‘Warrior Saints’ in this film.


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