Organizing Around Issues Affecting Elderly Sikhs

Today at the Fremont Gurdwara it was great to see a local group of sevadars called, “The Seva Group”, put on a much-needed event to meet the social service needs of the Sikh elderly. Various city and county social service organizations were present to answer questions about topics from Medi-cal to diabetes. Stay tuned for a short video on the event!

While providing translation services for sangat members, I got a better idea of the direct social service needs our community is encountering. It was joyful to see such a large group of seniors and other sangat members organizing around this social cause; but painful to hear about the issues our elderly encounter, ranging from healthcare to immigration.

Following the event, we had a focus-group interview on the top ten issues affecting our elderly community. It was amazing to watch these Babujis engaged in this research process. They were fun to listen to; while providing great insight into their problems.


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