Passport Update: Justice Brought to You By Darshan Singh

darshan-singhThe Dallas Morning News published an article this morning on Darshan Singh’s quest to ensure another Sikh is not told they must remove their Dastaar if they want their passport photograph taken at a post office.

In short, Darshan Singh has secured an apology from the post office AND according to the article:

“Postal officials have since sent a memo detailing the federal guidelines related to religious headwear to post at the 342 postal retail outlets in the Dallas district.”

It’s great to know that in addition to persuading the post office to take his son’s passport picture, Darshan Singh took steps to fix the root cause of the problem in the Dallas area.

I am also pleased that issue received local coverage in the leading Dallas paper.

That being said, I continue to be disturbed by the ugly comments by what I hope is a minority of readers in reaction to the article. Those comments include:

“The law is the law. If people from other countries don’t like our laws, GET OUT!!!.There is no comparison between a cross and a turban. Maybe the kid had a big birthmark on his forehead that could have been used for identity & they wanted it hidden, who knows. Just another defiant foreigner looking for trouble.”


“”if I went into a store in India they would blow my head off as soon as I walked in..Think we need to adopt that polcy here”

Everytime an article on Sikhs appear in the paper, we see similar hateful comments from what seems to be an angry but loud minority.

Perhaps the time has come to enlist the help of volunteer news article responders? While this is a defensive measure, it’s a necessary start to addressing the hate and ignorance displayed by these comments.

If you’re interested in the idea, feel free to e-mail me directly at with the e-mail message title: “Interested in responding to news article posts”.

Getting a sense of community interest in the idea would be helpful!

Great job Darshan Singh!


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